Moments of passion.


Like all lovers’ seasons, our was a season of laughter

Not even in the worst of movies do such seasons ever end in disaster.

Bridges may crumble but our mindset will let us elevate and shine far,

For I have told my heart to be patient so we can have stories to tell in our ever after.

Rocks and bricks they may throw against us

The storms may even get to send us falling down face first

But it’s not the end of the world just because we’ve lost our taste buds

For true love eventually survives all tests whether or not we say it is tasteless.

Moments of passion – 08 April, 2018



We are all Stars

We are all stars

We are all stars if we change the world
But life is a fast lane for those who wait
Be a star to the poor and a friend to the kids
Teach them that the less privileged too can fit
Whether or not society thinks like you, help them to someday live their dreams.









You don’t need stardom to impact a life
A smile and a heart are all you need
Never underestimate your determination
For in this world of ours nothing is too little to stop a fight.
Catch a flame of love and our world will change tonight.

And when we leave this earth’s surface,
For we all shall by some means go,
You will be remembered for not just being a star
But first because you saved a life when you helped the poor and taught our kids
You did more than that, you kept millions off our streets
Be a star.

Touch of FEAR!

Is fear real or just a mirage?
I could feel my sweat pores open up one after the other

My breath became heavy like that of a labouring mother.

My hair stood on end and even my clothing felt a mile away from my skin.

Everything had left me. Everything!

I was on the verge of leaving me too – insanity. 

I wish I could. 

And that was it; the storm had ended.

One swift rush of adrenaline and a moment felt like a lifetime. 

Fear. If only it was less real.

Hello Man

Sunset at Limbe, Cameroon
Hello man!!! Are you that weak? I see you tremble.

So all the tales of you in heights of great are nothing but a bunch of lies?

Thought you were a mountain till you turned out to be a pebble.

Oh yes! Your faith is weak. I see nothing but fear in your eyes.

Hello Man! Are you even a man? Moments ago I saw you go back to your vomit.

Eating it with relish like it was all a hungry man could find on his plate. 

So you had the choice but you choose to ruin it?

You are no better than a dog that has lost a fight to its mate. Ughhh!!!

Hello man! Wake up please, you are better than this.

What you carry could make the world go down on her knees.

You are much better than you think, all you need is a third chance.

For if only you could open your eyes then you would see you are equipped with all you need; dust yourself.

The world is yours to win man.

About December

Like everyone else I believe I do possess some desirable traits that may make me hold up sometimes. I may be able to contain the war within me using smiles, feats of laughter and other forms of escapism, but whenever I see peoples’ faces light up because of me I know it’s worth it. The words if Chronixx mostly flashes through my mind : “… They see the smile but they don’t know what I feel inside…” 

They don’t know and I don’t know what others feel inside too but I am prepared to sacrifice to make the people I love happy. That’s one of the few things that make me go to bed a happy person (after I’ve eaten lol). 

Photo credit: Jaibe A.

Tchassa says “focus on the things you can control”. I believe I’ll learn to do more of those activities I know I can control. I have a lot to learn, it’s not an easy road. I am not a good person YET. I am still learning and for now I’d say I am just human. The next few weeks to me matter a lot as I improve my skills and make others happy – whether or not they know it.

New Day Kid

New day kid…You never got to witness the moonlight dances

Never got to listen to fireside stories

Only heard in the yard there were once masquerade dances

And a time when only parents had worries.

You only heard but never saw cos you are a new day kid.

New day kid…

Fighting to stay alive like a gazelle chased by a hunter

All hopes of the future finally put asunder

Now all you have as a childhood is days of wonder and wander.

Who knows it may make you someday get wiser

It’s now your experience to handle new day kid.

New day kid…

You were once told there was once enough food for tomorrow

Now the most you seem able to lay hands on is sorrow.

Crumbs from the big belly’s table are delicacies for your marrow

Your turn they say would come when you grow old

That’s the system whether you are old or just a new day kid

New day kid…

You are the emblem of an upcoming radical revolution

When you’ll have no “white bearded scholars” leading the nations

And strict accountability as a footstool for progression

Who else is more apt to initiate real revolution but the new day kid?

The future is now!!

First published in

Local Cameroon artist revisits #911 in craft.

A local artist in Cameroon’s North Western Region has depicted the #911 attacks using bamboo designs. The artist by name Nfor Celestine also designed US navy and military machinery.

Credits: The Wimbum Development Magazine.

Fashion revisited

Bisi Designs: 

Following the launch of her memorata collection, Cameroon’s fashion designer Bisi Courage continues to rock the fashion world.

She is undoubtably becoming one of the most recognised names in Cameroon’s fashion world.​

What do you know about lefthanders?

August 13, is observed as the international lefthanders’ day, courtesy of the United Nations and Lefthanders International.

Often ignorantly called ‘lefters’, lefthanders constitute the greater minority of those not using the right hand. It is even argued that barely 10 percent of the World’s seven billion people is left-handed.
Lefthanders very often feel special. Not because the other majority usually wonders how possible it is for one to write with the left hand, but because being a lefthander usually comes with an intellectual or physical gift, that gives an air of being exceptional.
Women are statistically less likely to be lefthanders. Some will point out the fact that a couple of great figures the World has had such as Angela Merkel, Oprah Winfrey, Justin Beiber, Eminem, Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Napoleon Bomaparte, Sylvester Stallone, Charlie Chaplin, Angelina Jolie, Jimmi Hendrix, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zukerberg, Barack Obama, Uhuru Kenyatta, just to name a few, are all lefthanders.

Picture; American Presidents Ford, Clinton, Obama.
Nevertheless, being a lefthander in today’s World often comes with a couple of challenges. Some parents and educators in developing countries still find it strange that a child uses the left hand more often than the other, and thereby force the kid to using the other hand. This, regardless of how good the output was with the left hand.

Furthermore, other situational difficulties come in place like using a spiral book, opening a door with a key(lefthanders have this reflex of turning the key anticlockwise), greeting elderly ones(which is often considered disrespectful by some cultures).

It is also argued in developed nations that some lefthanders have a psychological deficiency.
Though there are cases like ambidextrousness (the ability to use both hands suitably), amputation of the right hand and self training, that also compel people to use the left hand suitably, it is still a call for concern that being left handed at birth faces rejection.
August 13 was placed as the international lefthanders day to promote awareness on the inconveniences faced by lefthanders in a predominantly right-handed World as well as celebrating their uniqueness and differences.
By, Erwin Ayota.

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