Life’s for the living

Never give up they say, no matter how hard you try

When you feel hurt and tired its OK to cry

For there is no weakness in staying real,

The more you pretend the more pain  you feel.

Feel free to shout and let it all out

It doesn’t matter whether its you they are talking about

Remember life’s for the living

And it’s to yourself you start the giving.


When we mourn for our dead

I saw a smoker. A tall one. It was dark and cold and he was tall. He held lit a cigarette stick in his hand. That image of him immediately brought back memories of an uncle I lost. From his looks to the way he moved, everything about him was like a deja Vu.

For a moment I thought I was hallucinating. Was this one of those moments people said the dead used to pass across a message or say good bye to a loved one? It’s amazing how much we think in just a matter of seconds when we get scared or feel confused. I was both scared and confused as he came up. For a moment I almost retreated uphill.

I sighed a sigh of relief as he walked past me quietly. He probably didn’t even have anything about me in mind. I slowed down and turned around. He kept going seemingly unbothered by anything as he blew out the smoke from his lot stick.

The scene of that night got me thinking as see real stories I had heard about the dead kept coming to mind.

Losing a lost one could be a devastating feeling for many. If nothing is done about it, bereaved persons could even be affected mentally. When we mourn for our dead, let us mourn well.

The Younger Me Talks To The Future Me.

They say I am young cos they think so, cos I look so.

They say I am bright cos they see so, cos they say so.

The world says what they think but in the silence of the night,

In the confines of my non confident choices,

The thoughts I think of the live I know I live.

Nature; the melting pot of human desires.

Still a kid and yet I fear for the edges of my thirties

I pray I be more orderly before then with self and priorities.

The future they say is mine and so too is the fear

For no matter what happens, life our fears will always chair.


I note then to future self of the opinions it possesses in young form

Whether they are right or wrong, sad or fun

I want you to know I was naive and young.

But in regretting about me, you won’t be wrong.

We can only hope and plan. The course of time will tell.


Signs of the times!

I heard a voice behind me, one like never before. My hair stood on end and my pupils grew as wide as the base of the Eiffel Tower. 

Was this really happening? I had heard of such stories. Stories where a man would go out of home and never return, where a kid out of disobedience will never return home cos they overstayed on the play field and stories where women would go out for wood and never return because they didn’t respect their husbands. 
Pure fiction I had called it. For if it was applicable who would be alive right now? Well, I would probably not be alive to know. 

I turned around sharply like a deer about to pounce on it’d prey. I wouldn’t go down so easy for a man they say, dies fighting. Pure darkness is what I met with. “It’s the end of the times!!!” I screamed. Just then, I felt cold water all over me. The water seemed to dilute the streams of sweat that had been trickling down my spine. 
What else was worse than life at the moment? “I’ll give up” I thought. Just as my knees touched the floor, a bold gentle voice sounded in my ears. 
“Back to bed son, you were sleepwalking again.”

“It’s the end of the times dad, end of the times.” I whispered as he tucked me in bed.

Now that we are young


Now that we are young the world is ours to conquer.  We may not realize it but we have all we need. You can’t have everything you want. Just start with the “little” you have and nature will fit more into your palms. You don’t need a million to be a success. Life will reward you as the days go by. That’s how it works.

Now that we are young, promises are ours to fulfill because the older we get the more we have on our hands. Live happily, do good to others no matter how small the act seems. Youthfulness in itself is a promise to live, to give, to impact and to achieve. Fulfill it.


Now that we are young, dreams are ours to chase for that’s all we have to do for now. Youthfulness gives us the chance to have whatever we dream to have or become without the strings of responsibilities and fears holding us back. Take that dream tour, try that dream job, try learning that dream language.  It is indeed a time of exploration. Make use of it.

A couple of friends…

Now that we are young, fun is ours to have before the time comes when we stay hemmed in the “cycle of seriousness.” Life is fun when we grow, don’t wait for fun till you are old. Get some friends, get some drinks, and laugh it out because it’s your time.


Now that we are young, let’s grab all the chances we have to listen and learn.

Now that we are young, let’s do our best to study all we can. Yes we can.

Moments of passion.


Like all lovers’ seasons, our was a season of laughter

Not even in the worst of movies do such seasons ever end in disaster.

Bridges may crumble but our mindset will let us elevate and shine far,

For I have told my heart to be patient so we can have stories to tell in our ever after.

Rocks and bricks they may throw against us

The storms may even get to send us falling down face first

But it’s not the end of the world just because we’ve lost our taste buds

For true love eventually survives all tests whether or not we say it is tasteless.

Moments of passion – 08 April, 2018


We are all Stars

We are all stars

We are all stars if we change the world
But life is a fast lane for those who wait
Be a star to the poor and a friend to the kids
Teach them that the less privileged too can fit
Whether or not society thinks like you, help them to someday live their dreams.









You don’t need stardom to impact a life
A smile and a heart are all you need
Never underestimate your determination
For in this world of ours nothing is too little to stop a fight.
Catch a flame of love and our world will change tonight.

And when we leave this earth’s surface,
For we all shall by some means go,
You will be remembered for not just being a star
But first because you saved a life when you helped the poor and taught our kids
You did more than that, you kept millions off our streets
Be a star.

Touch of FEAR!

Is fear real or just a mirage?
I could feel my sweat pores open up one after the other

My breath became heavy like that of a labouring mother.

My hair stood on end and even my clothing felt a mile away from my skin.

Everything had left me. Everything!

I was on the verge of leaving me too – insanity. 

I wish I could. 

And that was it; the storm had ended.

One swift rush of adrenaline and a moment felt like a lifetime. 

Fear. If only it was less real.

Hello Man

Sunset at Limbe, Cameroon
Hello man!!! Are you that weak? I see you tremble.

So all the tales of you in heights of great are nothing but a bunch of lies?

Thought you were a mountain till you turned out to be a pebble.

Oh yes! Your faith is weak. I see nothing but fear in your eyes.

Hello Man! Are you even a man? Moments ago I saw you go back to your vomit.

Eating it with relish like it was all a hungry man could find on his plate. 

So you had the choice but you choose to ruin it?

You are no better than a dog that has lost a fight to its mate. Ughhh!!!

Hello man! Wake up please, you are better than this.

What you carry could make the world go down on her knees.

You are much better than you think, all you need is a third chance.

For if only you could open your eyes then you would see you are equipped with all you need; dust yourself.

The world is yours to win man.

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