One of them


I grew up to know people and trends,
Then I wanted to be one of them.
Some were good and others evil
I walked with the old, young and feeble
To them and others I was one of them.


We know this life has its ends and bends
Found myself in one of them
Staying safe was not an option
Then I saw the devil at my auction
Sure I did, he was one of them.


To show my pride like Big Ben
I did my best to be one of them
Living a life for money and time
Spending my all on bets and wine
Sure I thought i was one of them.


I grew up again then met Ken
Of the good he was one of them
He taught great love and practiced more
Then showed us how to treat the poor
Of great men, surely he was one of them.

Changed I am just like Ken
Of the good hope am one of them
Doing my best to live like Paul
So one day I’ll get the Master’s call
Yes! I’ll say I am one of them.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
Mae West


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