My first ride

               I sat in class eagerly waiting for break time. I could hear the teacher’s voice echo but the anxiety in me took out meaning from all he said. Every passing second made me feel like someone was deliberately holding back the hands of the clock. Bruce had promised to let me ride his bike during break, a thing I had never done. It is amazing the things copywork can give you access to. lol. Who wouldn’t be happy at getting a first shot?

As soon as it was break, I joined the many eager boys who were already gathering around Bruce. The news had spread like wild-fire. Bruce’s house was just a stone throw away from school but we took a lot of time to get there as he kept stopping to reduce the crowd that followed him. After trying to reduce the population to no avail, he gave up trying and moved on. It seemed like a political march I once witnessed. Many following one just for one reason; self benefit.

When we got to his place, we sat outside and waited for him to have his meal. He then went to the backyard and brought out the much coveted and talked about bike. A few pupils had testified to seeing it before made it seem like it was the only bicycle in the world. It wasn’t as beautiful as they had said it was. It was an old piece with no brakes. Its original color could not even be deciphered any longer. If I was to be more honest, I’d call it a piece of welded metals on a pair of wheels, but I couldn’t say that. How can you belittle that which you don’t or may never even have in a lifetime? It is like laughing at a man in dirty clothes when you are naked.

How can you belittle that which you don’t or may never even have in a lifetime? It is like laughing at a man in dirty clothes when you are naked.

               I stood watching how the selected boys took turns riding or would I say controlling. The bike would be supported by a few boys till the rider is comfortably seated and ready to roll downhill. After the brief roll,  we all would eagerly rush downhill to join the rider bring the bike to the top. Bruce just stood there giving orders. Even the big bullies obeyed him just so they could get a ride. The big boys were the first set to ride then the not-so-big or average size boys (whatever that means). Then I heard Bruce call my name. It was my turn. With a huge smile on my face I hurried to the bike like other pupils did and with the help of the big boys, I was good to go. What a feeling. My first time sitting on a bike, I actually felt like I was inside as my feet hung in mid-air and my hands stretched to full length just to grab the handlebars. It was when they let go that I discovered that it was harder to ride than it was to be given a chance to ride. As I sped downhill I got confused on what to do; control the steering or try to maintain my balance, so I decided to stop. Unfortunately for me my not-so-long legs wouldn’t reach the ground. My legs didn’t reach the ground so my body had to. Everything happened so fast that by the time I could wake up from the ground where the bike dumped me, the bike was uphill with the next boy ready to roll.

So I crashed and no one cared. I didn’t even go half way downhill and no one cared or maybe they did but cared for the bicycle more. How my body hurt. I felt like a wrestler. They never win without pains. I felt proud. had tried a new thing in a long time. It didn’t go that well but I was happy it didn’t go that bad too (heard more males die in accidents than females). Later in class that day Bruce asked how the ride felt. From the look on his face I could tell he needed my help again. More answers.


3 thoughts on “My first ride”

  1. it was harder to ride than it was to be given a chance to ride……………this touches me so much. many at times life provides us with opportunities we really want but usually it is harder to do those things than to have the opportunity to. so inspiring and interesting keep up man…..

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