Spiced Up

             Funny as it seems, we humans rely very much on our nostrils for our state of being. Our emotion, reactions, thoughts, and desires. Sometimes these scents are very faint that we don’t even seem to notice they exist or that we are reacting to them. Then at times they come to us like lightning bolts. Hard and compelling. Take food for example, think about that last piece of meat you sunk your teeth into (if you are not a vegetarian). Imagine it had no smell… Luckily it did. It was well spiced with that amazing flavour that probably pulled you into the kitchen or restaurant.

source: http://www.taste.com

               Now let’s get to one of the many other things that smell. Us. Humans. Sometimes someone walks into a room and they smell so good that you feel that’s how humans ought to be. Then other times it’s a different story. Their deodorant makes you feel very uncomfortable. I remember the first time I used one. It belonged to a friend and. (My first and it was borrowed.. boys!). Before leaving his place, I almost emptied the can of perfume on myself – had myself spiced up. As I walked down the street, I felt light but strange. Then all of a sudden the discomfort set in. It felt like my friend was sneaking behind me and I kept looking back if I would see him. I couldn’t even read my texts comfortably. It was like we were sharing everything. I wasn’t finding it funny. At one point the guy seated behind me in class had to ask why I kept turning back to look at him. I wasn’t. I was just checking to make sure I wasn’t being stalked.

I dress myself, not to impress, but for comfort and for style. – Lindsey Wixson

                 That day I spent the rest of the evening scrubbing the clothes I put on just to get the smell off. I missed the smell of me. I love trying out new things but very few times has trying out new things caused me so much discomfort. This taught me a big lesson beyond smell. Health is greatly influenced by that little thing which we may ignore. It always catches up with us in the long run. Eat healthy. Many still find it a big challenge to maintain healthy eating habits. Unhealthy eating habits may not necessarily lead only to obesity or create an eating disorder, but can also cause type 2 diabetes, heart disease and nutritional deficiencies. So when next you sink your teeth into that piece of cooked flesh or when you are about to do that “wonderful” food combination, endeavour to pause for a second or two and ask yourself how healthy the quantities and ingredients you are consuming are. I love the feel of my body.






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