“I’m in the water”

The body of a Cameroonian Roman Catholic bishop of Bafia, Jean Marie Balla Benoit has been found by a fisherman three days after he went missing. His body was found floating downstream.

News of the clergy man’s death split views in the Central African country at a time when the search for his body was being undertaken by navy divers and other security officials. His car was spotted near the river with a suicide note that read ‘I’m in the water,’ but authorities are investigating whether or not he indeed authored the note.

Despite his note supporting the notion that he committed suicide, some people are also alleging that he was killed citing unsolved murders of Catholic priests in the country. He was declared missing on Wednesday 31 May, by president of the Cameroon episcopal council, Samuel Kleda, who is also the archbishop of Douala – he however insists that the bishop’s death was not related to that of a priest who died two weeks ago.

Local media portals reported on Thursday that traditional rites were held at the river to beg the gods to release the body, at the same time the church had called for prayers over the incident.Africanews. com

Post by Mesumbe Neville


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