Libyan immigration crisis; 34 more received.

Seven illegal migrants have been found dead in an abandoned refrigerated truck on the shores of Qarabulli town, near Tripoli. Libyan authorities say they found the truck with thirty four African migrants held inside, seven of whom appeared to have died of suffocation.

A police speaking to Reuters news agency said:

“We sent over people to investigate and found a truck with 34 migrants inside who were moved to the anti-illegal immigration division’s Tripoli branch and were provided with first aid, but unfortunately, seven of them were found dead, but the remaining 28 were given first aid and thank god they are in good health,”

.According to the migrants, smugglers packed them into the back of the truck to transport them to a boat which they would use to cross the Mediterranean.

They said the truck driver left the vehicle on the side of the road after unknown gunmen began firing at the tyres. They were locked inside the truck for two days before officers found them early Sunday morning.

According to the International Organization for Migration, the total population of migrants in Libya is about 700,000 – 1 million people, mainly coming from Egypt, Niger, Sudan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Syria, and Mali.

Compiled by Mesumbe Neville


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