I am Mesumbe Neville, a second year Journalism and Mass Communication student in the University of Buea and writer for Ndzi’s blog.

I was born in 1997, of Mr Atah Kevin Ndiwang and Mrs Ebong Diengu Ewane. I am a Cameroonian  from Bangem located in Kupe Muanenguba Division in the Southwest Region.

The twin lakes of Kupe Muanenguba

I am a Roman Catholic faithful who strongly upholds and practices the principles of Honesty, Charity, Truthfulness and Hard work bearing in mind that the society does not offer a place for laziness.

     “If I can go this far,then, I can go farther and farthest” is my adopted slogan, as having a positive mindset in every situation keeps me going.

If I can go this far,then, I can go farther and farthest

              …While in the university, I do my best to implement the theoretical knowledge I have acquired from lectures and personal research. This huge appetite to practice the skills I have acquired so far made me to create a Facebook page, The News (in August 2016) that now has an average of two thousand readers.

My friends Yuni Shantal and Geline Mbolle have been very supportive as they always provide me with the spiritual and moral advise that it takes to succeed in life. I am very grateful to God for giving me such good friends in a world where it is very difficult to find true friendship

Great friends make you stand out

            Though it is pains taking, I love carrying out research that is aimed at impacting my society positively. I also love reading educative and comic books as well as watching comic films such as the famous Tom and Jerry cartoon film. They help me to divert myself from social pressures and to relax my brain.

Upon completion from the university of Buea, I intend to enrol in the seminary to become a priest.


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