Interview: meet Camer’s most promising artist, Gotcash

Gotcash is one of Cameroon’s most promising artists based in Bamenda of the North West Region of Cameroon. In a special session with Ndzi’s blog, the rap artist who has made waves recently ,unveils much about his start, passion and plans in music.

Who is Gotcash?

Gotcash is a twenty-year old Hip-Hop Artist born and based in Bamenda, Cameroon.

When did you start your music career as an artist?

I grew up in music. I have been singing since childhood. I got into the church choir and kept singing, but didn’t take it serious back then. It was when I met Neglect Buri in 2013 that I felt encouraged to take my talent to the studio. By then I was in form five then.

How can you assess the 5 years of your music career?

Doing music especially when you are just beginning comes with lots of challenges from friends, and mostly from people who act like they are there to just discourage you. It’s challenging but I do my best to focus on my goal. Hard work is my ambition.

What is that thing you communicate about your music that makes you stand out from others in the music industry?

Firstly I communicate passion, what I feel and the social life I see people live on daily basis in my community. Secondly my culture which I hold in high esteem is what I communicate.

About how many tracks have you released so far?

I have done three tracks and many are in the pipeline. Slowly but surely I have some better beats cooking up for my fans and I think they will love it.

Are you linked to any music label?

Presently I do not have a label but knowing the importance of affiliating to a label, I am working on having myself attached to one. That is a sure thing for me to do.

What are some of the challenges you face in the music industry?

The first challenge I face so far is the legitimate challenge of competition. Considering the way the music is evolving, I realize I also have to work hard and update with the current trend and flow. This has not been easy but like I said, the passion keeps me going.

Secondly I face the issue of having a sponsor. Africa being what it is, talents have to push their way up in the industry. But am looking forward to some sponsorship that will boost my career and take my music passion higher. I am positive things will work out well.

Do you have any artist or role model you look up to in the music industry?

Of course I do. I have a couple of artist I love and follow them, though I have to be unique. Artists like Caskey, an American hip-hop rapper, then Clovis Akuchu and Stanley Enow in Cameroon. I love their style of making music, the passion and spirit.

Your fans have been asking for more after the release of your hit track  “I don’t believe it” which has gotten over a thousand views already on  YouTube. Do you have more for them?

Certainly; I am currently working on something with some big artists, a mix tape of five tracks. It actually contains my favorite song so far,”The President”. That release is going to be a surprise so I want my fans to get ready for the best of me

How soon will it be released?

Very soon . As soon as it is good enough for their ears but rest assured I am cooking the best of it.

We will eagerly look forward to that. Any last words for your fans and the world?

I will love to thank all of them for the love and encouragement they’ve given me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. I promise to keep making them smile with the best. Also, let them know that I won’t let them down. We have gone too far to back down. Thanks.



Watch the official music video of “I don’t believe” it by Itz Gotcash here

Also follow him on Facebook, twitter, and on Instagram.

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