Speech of yesterday

Silence is virtue, silence is golden

Gives you control, keeps your words chosen

Makes you reverred, sure it is golden.

But what use is gold if you are in bondage?

I’d rather be free and called a savage

Than live in splendor and yet be garbage.

I’ll be different, I’ll choose freedom

I won’t let society and fears ruin my passion

Yes I know its easier said than in action.


Its a tough journey I am willing to take

Too many sacrifices I’ve got to make

Cut the fun, the bills, the drinks and the fake.

I know it’ll hurt and when it does…

I’ll run, I’ll cry, I’ll release the pain

I’ll return, I’ll smile, I’ll love again

Its all the past, and can’t be regained.

Just a little longer then it’ll all be over

I know its ok to feel bad and ponder.

Then one morning, nightmare’s over…

Like Mama Angelou, “I’ll rise”

Like King Solomon, I’ll be wise

I’ll put in my best, I know I’ll thrive.

I’ll overcome my fears

And still be humble amidst cheers,

Things you learn when climbing stairs.


Feel free to share your thoughts below.


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