Central African Republic; peace at last…

The Roman Catholic Sant’ Egidio peace group has finally brokered peace talks between the Central African Republic government and 13 out of the 14 warring factions in the country. The deal which took place in Rome calls for an immediate end to hostilities and the recognition of legitimate authorities following last year’s Presidential elections.

CAR soldiers carrying out arrests during the war

The peace deal was signed on the eve of the 2017 World Refugee Day and comes as the third major peace deal in the Republic, after a 2015 peace deal between 10 armed groups and the Defense Ministry and an AU brokered ceasefire in 2014 all failed.

The conflict began since 2013 when the mainly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power and met with reprisals from the anti-Balaka christian militia and has resulted in the death of thousands and displaced nearly a million people in the former French colony.

refugee kids.JPG

The UN refugee agency UNHCR in 2016 stated that nearly one in every five kids in Central African Republic is a refugee.


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