South Sudan famine ends; hunger situation still critical.

            A UN-backed report has shown that South Sudan no longer has areas in famine. This change comes as a result of increased UN aid to the young African country.

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The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and South Sudan’s National Bureau of Statistics however say that the situation remains critical, warning that an estimated six million people (half the population) will face extreme food shortages between June and July.

         Aljazeera quotes Serge Tissot of FAO saying: “People are in a catastrophic situation,”. The UN food agency has warned that removing the label of famine does not mean the situation has actually improved, the crisis is worsening.

            Armed conflict is the main cause of the famine. Tens of thousands of people have died and millions displaced since fighting between the government and opposition groups in the country more than three years ago. Low harvests and soaring food prices have also been blamed for the terrible situation.

        The famine in South Sudan was announced back in February,  the first be declared anywhere in the world since 2011.

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