10 Fast facts about the most hunted animal; the Pangolin.

            So now you know the most hunted animal is not the gorrila or monkey or tiger or elephant. Its the pangolin.


Yes like seriously… And they are fast becoming extinct. Here are 10 fast facts you should know about the world’s most hunted mammal:

1.) When fully extended, a pangolin’s tongue can be over 40cm long, making its tongue longer than its body.

2.) Pangolin do not have teeth and are unable to chew, however, so use their sticky tongues to collect insects – up to 70 million a year.

3.) It is presumed that pangolins have a lifespan of twenty years in the wild, (the oldest recorded pangolin lived for 19 years in captivity), but nobody knows how long they live.

4.) In traditional Chinese medicine, Pangolin scales are dried and roasted as a method of relieving palsy, stimulating lactation and draining pus. (They can sell on the black market for over $3,000 a kilogram.

5.) It is estimated that 100,000 pangolins are captured every year from across Africa and Asia, with most shipped to China and Vietnam, where their meat and scales are sold.

long tail pangolin
the long-tailed pangolin

6.) Of the eight species of pangolin only one, (the long-tailed pangolin native to west and central Africa) is regularly active during the day. The rest are nocturnal.

7.) Pangolin scales are made of keratin, just like our finger nails, and make up 20 per cent of their body weight.

8.) The pangolin’s closest relatives are carnivores, but they are the only mammals that are covered in scales.

9.) Pangolins don’t have teeth, so they can’t chew. Instead, they have keratinous spines in their stomach and swallow stones that help them grind up their food in much the same manner as a bird’s gizzard.

10.) When threatened, pangolins defend themselves by rolling up in a ball and, if needed, lashing out with their tale – the scales on which can easily cut a predator’s skin.

Source: -http://www.discoverwildlife.com         – http://www.telegraph.co.uk

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