Yemen’s war, Saudi beats and consoles.

The newly crowned prince of Saudi Arabia has offered a $66.7 million donation to fight the cholera outbreak in Yemen.

Prince Salman
Prince Salman

Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s offer is said to go to UNICEF and the World Health Organization following calls for help with the ongoing cholera epidemic in Yemen.

The New York times quotes Saudi media as reporting that

“the donation is an initiative of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and accelerates the Kingdom’s substantial humanitarian efforts in Yemen.”

 The WHO and UNICEF have appreciated the action.

The Donation however comes at a time when Saudi Arabia is facing persistent calls from human rights groups and activists to halt airstrikes and attacks on the Arab World’s poorest country. Prince Mohammed as defense minister has been at the forefront of the  bombing and blockades.

UNICEF has confirmed a full-scale outbreak of the disease.

           The cholera epidemic in Yemen only comes to add to already existing humanitarian problems including famine and children with severe malnutrition problems.

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