Malawi; UNICEF launches Africa’s first humanitarian drone testing corridor.

            The UN children’s agency Unicef has officially launched Africa’s first ever air corridor for humanitarian drones in Malawi.

             In a press release on yesterday, Unicef stated that It is centred on Kasungu Aerodrome, in central Malawi, with a 40km radius (80km diameter) and is designed to provide a controlled platform for the private sector, universities and other partners to explore how UAVs can be used to help deliver services that will benefit communities


          The corridor is expected to be used to provide Images – generating and analyzing aerial images, connectivity – exploring the possibility for UAVs to extend Wi-Fi or cellphone signals, and transport – delivery of small low weight supplies, all very necessary in emergencies and humanitarian crisis.

The UNICEF Office of Innovation team tests an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs), also known as a drone, carrying a cargo payload box, which can potentially carry humanitarian supplies at Kasungu Aerodrome in central Malawi. © UNICEF/UN070227/Chisiza

          Since the announcement in December 2016, 12 companies, universities and NGOs from around the world have applied to use the UAV corridor which will run for at least one year, until June 2018.

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Click here to read the full press release.


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