5 reasons to write (more).

There are days on which the mere sight the sight of a writing surface turns me off while on other days I wake up feeling like I can write for the next 24 hours. It’s a feeling of life. Below are five reasons why I write or why I think you should write:

1) For memory: How did you feel the last time you rocked your brain to near death but didn’t get to remember that important something? Now that’s what happens when you don’t write. The human brain has proven to be not very reliable in the long run. Writing therefore help as a secondary form of memory. It never gets any better till you pick up that pen and scribble it down.

2) For fun: Its fun sometimes when you try to write down that funny idea or incident at work or school. It gives you the opportunity to relive that moment or event. So does reading it over and over.

3) For future use: This cannot be over emphasized. There are some pieces of information that will be absolutely necessary in future and are probably too much to be kept in mind or shared by word of mouth. Write that down.

4) For relief: For a lot of people, it is hard to open up or express themselves emotionally, while some still feel unsatisfied after doing so. Why let it eat you up when you can pour it all out on paper? Just take the time to write it all out. It reliefs.

5) For practice: Our world is fast evolving. Just a few decades back, there were no computers but now we have them in our palms. Decades ago writing ink was not so common but now pens and pencils sell cheaper than train tickets and getting haircuts. Even if you are not compelled to write now, it is likely that you will in the near future. It may be as simple as a text message or as complicated as a long essay, it will come. Writing now (practice) keeps you ready for the future when you may be compelled to. Gear up or get swept off by the tides of time.

Now you know why I write. Any more reasons? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share and let your others know why WE write. Thanks.

Image credit: pixabay.com

4 thoughts on “5 reasons to write (more).”

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