Tales of the City – The Politician and poet.

Approach me now, poet of the city

But say nothing to me lame or silly

For I hear with words you are great and witty.


Here is wine for your fill to drink

And your thoughts to guide when you think

Hold your tongue, just yet don’t speak.


Come to my banquet poet of the city

Let’s have some fun, don’t say am greedy

Feast with me let’s feel the city


Why not when we all part tomorrow?

None of these to you I borrow

So that you don’t go home in sorrow.


Listen to me poet of the city

To great men wine is tricky

Makes you think fast not greedy.


Look poet I brought you ink and jotter

Make use of it to keep your thoughts from the gutter

Wine is good but your words are better


Sit up now poet of the city

It time for work no more merry,

Let the wine bring out your witty.


Tell the world of my love and greatness

Say I bring joy and hope for the hopeless

We both know am so kind and fearless.


Use your words to make them love me

Their praises can’t bring you what my wine gives

You had your opinion once but now mine lives.

If left alone you could be a mine field.


to be continued…

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