Moses was a man of few words, more action

Noah a man of faith, no distractions

Even in exile, John got revelations

And oh yes! Our saviour Christ was a man of meditation.


They braved the odds against trend and tendency

Gave their all, left a mark for us to see

What perfect examples of a legacy

Till date their stories still change you and me.


Then it was them, now it is you

You are the society, adults and youth

Bring up your kids in a way that’s good

Leave a legacy that’ll make them proud of you.


Kids like to hear but they love to watch

Set an example that matters much,

Let them see in you the saviour’s touch

There’s no legacy greater than such.

What’s a legacy to you? Share your thoughts below.

4 thoughts on “Legacy.”

  1. What beautiful, poetic and true words. The legacy I leave for my children and grandchildren is keep pressing towards the mark of the high calling and we eventually get there.


  2. Very true, especially when you say “kids love to watch”. My children are adults and on their own but even when children are young I believe you can leave a legacy that they remember and it remains special to them.

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  3. That’s true Patty, i still have vivid images of some of the “smallest” deatails i saw from my parents when i was still a kid though I forget a lot of what they keep saying.


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