FIFA World Ranking: Lions drop by four places.

The Lions’ early exit at the last Confederations Cup (Russia 2017) has caused Cameroon drop to 34th place in the latest FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking.

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          The results which were revealed today saw teams get the outcomes of what they’ve been working for since the last classification. Apart from the African Champions dropping from 32nd place, other African countries have toed the line, including Egypt (dropped by four places), Nigeria (dropped by one place) and Kenya which has dropped by ten places.

          On the bright side, Tanzania is one of the most improved African side, stepping up by twenty-five places, but Egypt remains highest rated African side at position number 24. A few of the other improved African sides include: Zimbabwe (14 places), Zambia (7 places), Mali (7 places) and DR Congo (11 places).

        Germany moved two places to top the chart following their recent victory at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017. Tiny European country, Andorra is the best mover, stepping up by 57 places, while Namibia dropped by 62 places to become worst mover.

See complete list here.

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