A look from the future.

When we are born, we are young, we grow old then we die.

Everything eventually ends just like eating a pie.

source: dreamstime.com

I take a step into my end days to talk about my young skin

There’s a drastic change I can hear, see, think and feel

With all these lotions and trends its hard to be real,

Am fighting on the inside but I pretend to be still


When we were young, white was white and black was black

People went out to hustle and never came back in black

Look at our generation there’s a massive attack

Much is missing, there’s a lot of dignity we lack


When we were young, kids had fun in each others company

The moon was meant for dancing and reaching out to family

Real friendship was built on trusting you and me

And people were well dressed for the homilies.


When we were young life was fun or at least so they said

And love to all and hate none was the trend

Then, beauty in skin and deep made it blend

Unlike the results of bleaching it to the end


When we were young; that life is imaginary

But unlike today’s youth, so revolutionary

Don’t care what place they occupy on the family tree

They not alone, I still see that part in a lot of me.


I walk balk to my today, young as ever

Not bothering wether or not it will last forever


Cos we still young and so full of life

Not giving a damn to a single word of advice

Taking all we are told  by the old as lies

It’s a cold world so we do all we can to survive.


Cos we still young and our backs haven’t bent down

Yet we can’t see the future cos our heads are bent down

Following the trends, destroying the planet, cutting the trees down,

I wish for a moment this generation could just slow down.

What’s your one wish for this generation?? Feel free comments below.

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