Interview; meet young Cameroon fashion designer, Bisi Courage.

Bisi Courage is a young Cameroon fashion designer based in Buea. She has created her fashion brand called Bisi Courage Designs (BCD) which goes by the theme Bringing out the colours in Africa through fashion. In an exclusive interview with Ndzi’s Blog, she sheds more light about her work and brand.

What is the BCD fashion brand all about?

BCD first of all is an abbreviation of two of my names, Bisi Courage. I decided to name my brand after me because I like my designs to reflect the kind of person I am. About the brand, BCD is a young professional fashion brand which deals in the production of clothes, shoes, accessories etc, with a major use of African fabric.

Is there any specific reason for choice of a major use of African fabric?

Well, we are Africans so we promote our culture first. Africa has a lot of beauty and more to be discovered so we are portraying Africa in our products, as our motto says Bringing out the colours in Africa through fashion.

I’ve seen some of your designs and they look awesome, but who and which things were your inspiration while creating such designs?

My designs mostly as I said am most importantly inspired by Africa; the people we are, our beauty, so many things, even my environment at times. Then my personal taste. I can’t give out what I can’t use.

What  information do you consider most important before you begin any design?

Before I design any product  the first thing I do is ask myself if I will feel comfortable using it. It may be a dress, a shoe, whatever. Comfort comes first..

Has there ever been a time when a client didn’t like your work and if yes, How did you resolve the issue?

Well there was once, but everything in life is a challenge so normally people must criticise even when others love it. I take criticisms as a challenge to improve on my skills. Every day we learn, we make mistakes and we improve. That’s life.

Do you have anything you are working on now, like say a show or project?

Yes I do, presently I am working on my 2017 collection called memorata which means memories. It’s a stylish and trendy blend of western and African cultures.

Why choose to name it Memorata?

It is named so because of its impact. I want anyone who will purchase my new line to make memories with the products. The designs will be a part of the clients life, they are trendy and our clients will want to always use them. I want to create precious memories for all clients.

When should we be expecting memorata?

The line will be showcased on the premier of the TV show FAME TV at chariot hotel come July ending.

We are eagerly waiting for that

Sure it will be great and filled with surprises for everyone.

Thank you for making out the time to talk with us.

My pleasure, anytime.



You can get to her on Facebook at Bisi courage-designs, Twitter @couragengwa, Kingschat @BCD#courageous and on Instagram at bisi’s designs.

Gallery: Click here to see more of her designs.


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