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My first ride

               I sat in class eagerly waiting for break time. I could hear the teacher’s voice echo but the anxiety in me took out meaning from all he said. Every passing second made me feel like someone was deliberately holding back the hands of the clock. Bruce had promised to let me ride his bike during break, a thing I had never done. It is amazing the things copywork can give you access to. lol. Who wouldn’t be happy at getting a first shot? Continue reading My first ride


My sand grain

             I came into class a bit later that thursday morning. A few of us had been selected to clean the Head teacher’s office. As I came in, I was welcomed with whispers from the other pupils. Mr George was not in class but no one dared talk aloud. ‘come join us‘, ‘you are dead today‘, ‘when Mr George will meet you there eh‘… were just a few of the whispers I could get.

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class four

           I reluctantly set down my large bag on my desk as I sat down, half excited half scared. We had all heard of the teacher we were going to meet in class four. They said he was strict, merciless in his beatings and never cared to listen to an excuse for any wrong done. We just like pupils in other classes should have been happilly exchanging greetings and stories after missing our peers for up to three months but class four was almost dead silent. Not even the flower charts, business corner, ICT corner or the bright colored designs on the walls seemed to be able to lighten the mood very much. Just a few murmurs could be heard here and there; we the noisy ones could not just keep quiet. Personally I feel very uneasy in extreme quiet. The others didn’t seem to feel the same nervousness as much as I did. Did that mean I was the most nervous person in class four or that meant something terrible was coming my way?

            I stood up and made for the door, I had to ease myself before the teacher could come in. Despite my dislike for the urinals that were made of sticks and palm fronds, I had no choice at the moment. As they say, desperate times call for desparate measures. Just as I stepped off the verandah, I heard a stern manly voice behind me say
‘skipping class on day one of school’
I recognized the voice immediately, It was Mr George the class four teacher. What a nice name for such an “unnice” man. The class had not even started so what was I skipping ? I turned around dead with fright. I tried to speak but counld’t find the words to say.
‘Get into class before I get on you’ he ordered.

              He was hardly done when I found myself on my seat still trembling but feeling lucky that he did not beat me. What an escape.
After the usual self introduction which was unexpectedly very interesting, he began repositioning us. He did what all teachers did; put the tall ones behind and we the short ones ahead so that we could have a clear view of the board– and his stern looks. I didn’t feel happy about it, how come all my friends got to sit wiith just a girl and he puts me to sit between two? Was it because I was tiny and looked like a girl? Was he aware that I talked a lot and as trying to reduce the number of words I produced? I had to rock my brain for responses to my friends’ taunts during break. Friends never just let such things go by easily, they must make fun of it…

‘You! Yes You, answer the question!’

           It was when Mr George barked out these words that I realized he was pointing in my direction. An army of butterflies seemed to be marching in my tummy and the desire to relieve myself becoming more urgent. I didn’t even get the question he asked, how I wish he could repeat himself.
‘I won’t repeat myself’ he said brandishing his freshly cut whip and coming closer.

          I made to stand up on my already trembling legs when my benchmates motioned that I shouldn’t, pointing to the desk behind ours. As I sank back into my seat, I looked behind and saw another boy on his feet looking more terrified than I was. He couldn’t respond maybe partly due to the fear. Poor boy… how he cried to the tune of the whip.
Whew!! lucky me, I was more than happy when at break time I moved out of my seat in one peace to go ease myself. Maybe putting me between the ladies wasn’t that bad afterall, I was starting to like it especially during break. Not every benchmate will rescue you from a teacher’s beatings and then share their lunch with you during break time.

It was half a day in class four already with one lesson learnt; girls save.

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