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What do you know about lefthanders?

August 13, is observed as the international lefthanders’ day, courtesy of the United Nations and Lefthanders International.

Often ignorantly called ‘lefters’, lefthanders constitute the greater minority of those not using the right hand. It is even argued that barely 10 percent of the World’s seven billion people is left-handed.
Lefthanders very often feel special. Not because the other majority usually wonders how possible it is for one to write with the left hand, but because being a lefthander usually comes with an intellectual or physical gift, that gives an air of being exceptional.
Women are statistically less likely to be lefthanders. Some will point out the fact that a couple of great figures the World has had such as Angela Merkel, Oprah Winfrey, Justin Beiber, Eminem, Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Napoleon Bomaparte, Sylvester Stallone, Charlie Chaplin, Angelina Jolie, Jimmi Hendrix, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zukerberg, Barack Obama, Uhuru Kenyatta, just to name a few, are all lefthanders.

Picture; American Presidents Ford, Clinton, Obama.
Nevertheless, being a lefthander in today’s World often comes with a couple of challenges. Some parents and educators in developing countries still find it strange that a child uses the left hand more often than the other, and thereby force the kid to using the other hand. This, regardless of how good the output was with the left hand.

Furthermore, other situational difficulties come in place like using a spiral book, opening a door with a key(lefthanders have this reflex of turning the key anticlockwise), greeting elderly ones(which is often considered disrespectful by some cultures).

It is also argued in developed nations that some lefthanders have a psychological deficiency.
Though there are cases like ambidextrousness (the ability to use both hands suitably), amputation of the right hand and self training, that also compel people to use the left hand suitably, it is still a call for concern that being left handed at birth faces rejection.
August 13 was placed as the international lefthanders day to promote awareness on the inconveniences faced by lefthanders in a predominantly right-handed World as well as celebrating their uniqueness and differences.
By, Erwin Ayota.


Angola adopts law limiting power of future presidents.

Angola’s parliament passed a law on Friday that will drastically limit the powers of the country’s future presidents in matters of security and defence.


The law will only apply to successors of the current head of state, President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who has enjoyed unfettered control of Angola’s sprawling military and security institutions since taking power in 1979.

Supported by a large majority of lawmakers, the new bill sets out limited circumstances in which the powerful officials can be removed – including instances of criminal behaviour and old age.

It will mean that the heads of the army and police and intelligence services will be protected in their posts for eight years, limiting the president’s power to remove them.

The policy has sparked controversy in Angola with the opposition accusing outgoing Dos Santos of seeking to retain control of the military after he leaves office.

“It means that the president will not be able to remove them from their posts,” said Andre Mendes de Carvalho, a lawmaker with the opposition CASA-CE party.

“A law like this shouldn’t be passed just weeks before the end of a (presidential) term. What’s more, it prevents the future president from working effectively.”

Angolans will go to the polls on August 23 to choose their new leader.

Dos Santos will not contest elections next month which his apparent successor at the helm of the ruling MPLA party, defence minister Joao Lourenco, is expected to win comfortably.

After 37 years in office, Dos Santos has been dogged by rumours of ill-health and has made two medical trips to Spain in recent months.


Man accused of stealing a cow is killed by soldiers in Rwanda.

East African Press Officer for the Human Rights Watch, Audrey Wabwire has recounted the story of Fulgence Rukundo, a Rwandan father of 2 who was accused of stealing a cow, then killed by soldiers in Rwanda. Continue reading Man accused of stealing a cow is killed by soldiers in Rwanda.

Lacazette scores first goal for Arsenal in 2-0 win over Sydney FC (video)

Arsenal’s club record £53million signing of Alexandre Lacazette seems to be paying off from day one. Continue reading Lacazette scores first goal for Arsenal in 2-0 win over Sydney FC (video)

Human rights watch slams China for the death of Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo.

Human Rights watch (HRW) has criticized Chinese government’s attitude towards peaceful proponents of human rights and democracy, following the death in custody of dissident and public intellectual, Liu Xiaobo. Continue reading Human rights watch slams China for the death of Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo.

South Africa; three lions escape from Kruger park.

        The inhabitants of Matsulu village outside South Africa’s Kruger park have been urged to “exercise extra caution” after four male lions escaped from the main national park.

        The predators sneaked out of the major tourist attraction on Sunday night and are reported to have been spotted in the village. Livestock as well as people are at risk of attack as the area around Kruger also contains farms which raise cattle.

Kruger lion.jpg
Image source; Skynews

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Cameroon: Mayor and other big names with fake certificates exposed (full story).

A few weeks back, news broke that the Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge was reported to have entered the University of Buea without a pass at the GCE Advanced Level, a compulsory requirement for admission.

Not only had he succeeded in gaining admission without the required qualification, he had proceeded to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, a Master of Arts degree in History and is currently a PhD student in History in the University of Buea.

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FIFA World Ranking: Lions drop by four places.

The Lions’ early exit at the last Confederations Cup (Russia 2017) has caused Cameroon drop to 34th place in the latest FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking.
Continue reading FIFA World Ranking: Lions drop by four places.

Ronaldo finally meets his twins.

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo has posted the first picture of his newborn twins born to a surrogate mum in the United States. Continue reading Ronaldo finally meets his twins.

Malawi; UNICEF launches Africa’s first humanitarian drone testing corridor.

            The UN children’s agency Unicef has officially launched Africa’s first ever air corridor for humanitarian drones in Malawi. Continue reading Malawi; UNICEF launches Africa’s first humanitarian drone testing corridor.