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Transformed challenge goes viral.

Just hours after the release of the Transformed video by Cameroon-based Daddy D, social media has gone wild with fans posting pictures of them with the same pose as Daddy D and tagging it #transformedchallenge.

Daddy d.jpg
Source: Arrey-B’s blog

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Cameroon: Mayor and other big names with fake certificates exposed (full story).

A few weeks back, news broke that the Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge was reported to have entered the University of Buea without a pass at the GCE Advanced Level, a compulsory requirement for admission.

Not only had he succeeded in gaining admission without the required qualification, he had proceeded to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, a Master of Arts degree in History and is currently a PhD student in History in the University of Buea.

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Moses was a man of few words, more action

Noah a man of faith, no distractions

Even in exile, John got revelations

And oh yes! Our saviour Christ was a man of meditation.


They braved the odds against trend and tendency

Gave their all, left a mark for us to see

What perfect examples of a legacy

Till date their stories still change you and me.


Then it was them, now it is you

You are the society, adults and youth

Bring up your kids in a way that’s good

Leave a legacy that’ll make them proud of you.


Kids like to hear but they love to watch

Set an example that matters much,

Let them see in you the saviour’s touch

There’s no legacy greater than such.

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Kenya lady talks of her rape and near-death ordeals.

Kenyan pastor, Terry Apudo then Terry Gobanga opens up on her terrible ordeals that hit her in rapid succession. Continue reading Kenya lady talks of her rape and near-death ordeals.

Nigeria; hallelujah challenge turns deadly.

            Controversial Nigerian radio host and presenter, Daddy Freeze has received death threats, after he made criticisms on the ongoing hallelujah challenge. Continue reading Nigeria; hallelujah challenge turns deadly.

BET Awards 2017; Lecrae bags home Best Gospel/Inspirational Award.

Lecrae’s “Can’t Stop Me Now (Destination)” has beaten four other top gospel tracks to earn him the Dr. Bobby Jones Best Gospel/Inspirational Award at the just ended 2017 BET Awards. Continue reading BET Awards 2017; Lecrae bags home Best Gospel/Inspirational Award.

Cameroon; suicide attacks leave eight dead.

            Double suicide attacks in Cameroon’s Far North Region on Wednesday have left six civilians and the two attackers dead. Continue reading Cameroon; suicide attacks leave eight dead.

Prodigy the rapper passes away.

             Prodigy, rapper of Mobb Deep fame has died at the age of 42. He was born Albert Johnson on Nov. 2, 1974, in Hempstead, New York. Continue reading Prodigy the rapper passes away.

Central African Republic; peace at last…

The Roman Catholic Sant’ Egidio peace group has finally brokered peace talks between the Central African Republic government and 13 out of the 14 warring factions in the country. The deal which took place in Rome calls for an immediate end to hostilities and the recognition of legitimate authorities following last year’s Presidential elections.

CAR soldiers carrying out arrests during the war

The peace deal was signed on the eve of the 2017 World Refugee Day and comes as the third major peace deal in the Republic, after a 2015 peace deal between 10 armed groups and the Defense Ministry and an AU brokered ceasefire in 2014 all failed.

The conflict began since 2013 when the mainly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power and met with reprisals from the anti-Balaka christian militia and has resulted in the death of thousands and displaced nearly a million people in the former French colony.

refugee kids.JPG

The UN refugee agency UNHCR in 2016 stated that nearly one in every five kids in Central African Republic is a refugee.


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Hear their cry

                 The plight of women in Africa and the rest of the world are many and varied and are approached from different perspectives by the different classes of people in society. Discrimination against females for example has been and is still witnessing a significant decline in sub Saharan Africa over the years as ladies are beginning to witness a more receptive stance in public and family affairs. Of all the issues  however, it is just the tip of the iceberg. A lot of the issues sum up to violence on the woman (girl child).


Taking a look on the evolution of society, one would expect that these practices on our women would have been completely abandoned already but that’s  not the case. Reports of violence on the woman keep coming up every day and the society seems indifferent to them. To fight against this ill, the International community has put in measures to counteract this violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms such as the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (1981) and the UN declaration on the elimination of violence against women (1993).

No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men. – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

               On the international scenes the treaties and ratifications make the fight against this ill seem easy. The hard fact on the ground however is so sad to bear. 848 Indian women are harassed, raped, killed every day (Huffington Post). The UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women says between 15 and 76 percent of women are targeted for physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime. What’s worse is that most of this violence takes place within intimate relationships, with many women (ranging from 9 to 70 percent) reporting their husbands or partners as the perpetrator.

Reports hold that in a majority of countries, less than 40% of women who experience violence sought any form of help. The million dollar question is; what happens to the desperate 60%?

             To resolve these issues, countries have joined hands with the UN Women, Breakthrough U.S, the Desert Flower Foundation and others, to stamp out this life threatening ill. More efforts are being made to: revise marriage and societal  laws that are biased against women, bring greater attention to violence even when it is perpetrated by a partner or spouse and to provide women with access to legal representation.

As succesful as these measures are, a keen observer will agree that commemorating days and signing ratifications isn’t just enough as their impact is yet to be felt in many communities. Much still has to be done on the ground.

Join the fight; save her life.

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